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The Vexed iDict was designed by master lure designer Gerorge Wang. George was adament that an appendage shaped offering would prove simply to irresistable to refuse. Boy was George right! During testing, we dicked more fish than any of us could have possibly imagined. The fish just wouldn't leave the damn thing alone. Long story short, we did the right thing and produced this amazing wonder shlong for the anglers of Australia to enjoy, so nobody needs to disadvantaged ever again. iDict is the softest, stretchiest and toughest soft plastic available using the newest "Stretch Flex" technology, and comes in a range of colours which have more intense GLOW and UV than any other phallus shaped soft plastic on the market today. Actually this is the only phallus shaped soft plastic on the market today! Have a bit of fun with this concept! Try hiding one in your Dad's cooler during Xmas, or in you're mums pavlova. Our guarantee is iDict will make people laugh, which is so important these days with so many people being way to serious. Nearly as important as pantsing your mates with dirty big 30 pounder. Thumb one on and go get stuck in.

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