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A new release that created plenty of interest at the AFTA trade show was the unique profile and action of ZMan’s 3.5” and 4.2” Trick ShotZ. A realistic baitfish profile, with a heavily ribbed underside for creating water movement and holding scent, the Trick ShotZ feature a unique, heavily textured, spade-shaped tail that creates glide, flick and a seductive action, even with minimal movement. Combine this with the buoyancy of ZMan’s 10X Tough ElaZtech material and this bulkier tail stands up in the face of the fish, creating a strike attractant that is close to the hook point.
The heavily ribbed and textured body adds to the flexibility of the plastic, creating a plastic that rigs easily and fishes well with almost any retrieve. The Trick ShotZ smaller 3.5” model will appeal to everything from bream, flathead and bass to inshore snapper.