Fishing Fiji

After researching a few holiday and fishing destinations we settled on Fiji, which seemed like the perfect “combination” holiday. The right place to target GTs, Ruby Jobfish, Dogtooth and Coral Trout, and an ideal place to get some well needed relaxation.

August finally arrived and the three of us were ready to go. With the Perth winter settling in and the temperature dropping, it was the perfect time to be heading over to the Islands of Fiji.

Due to the August south easterly breezes, we chose two destinations on the West coast of Fiji. Mana Island and Denarau.

After a couple of flights we landed at Nadi Airport and within 30 mins we were jumping on a seaplane to head to our first destination, Mana Island Resort.

The pilot flew us over some amazing crystal clear tropical waters and over the most amazing reef structure that would get any fisherman excited. Now the trip was definitely sinking in and the excitement had begun.


Fishing the Fiji Islands


As the seaplane landed on the water we were itching to get unpacked and explore this wonderland.

After doing a few of the obligatory touristy events (snorkeling, drinking, relaxing, drinking, snorkeling and drinking) we thought we had better wet a line. Speaking to the locals it was unanimous that we sort the expertise of Danny’s Island and Water Adventures. This consisted of Danny and his friends that love to fish. After chatting to Danny and his friends we arranged some GT fishing. The early morning fishers where doing a lot of trolling and this was the season for Mackeral, Tuna and MahiMahi, but we were here to try out the local GT fishing.

We got all our gear ready, heavy GT popping combos, big stickbaits and poppers and proceeded down to Danny’s little banana boat by the sea.

We fished for three mornings with Danny and his friends. They took us around the breaking reefs of Mana Island, the fishy outcrops of Malolo Island, and to the bomby flats around the “Fiji Barrier Reef”.

The guys were amazing with their knowledge. No fish finders, no GPS and no navigation, just local knowledge. We managed to land many fish every day. Mainly BlueFin Trevally and GTs. Fish ranged from 2-3kg BlueFin to 10-20kg GTs. We had so much fun with poppers and stickbaits and landed some rippers, but it wouldn’t be a fishing trip without missing some big fish, but that’s what keeps you coming back.


 The second destination was the tourist town of Denarau. The perfect place full of great charters to cure our taste for jigging. A quick chat to the locals again and we had booked a couple of days out with Malolo Fisher Sports Charters.

For the month we had chosen to fish, we could target Tuna, Ruby Jobfish, small Barracuda, small Dogtooth Tuna and Coral trout.

We jumped on the Perth-like vessels and headed about 15 mile off shore to the outer reef and the reef channel. A very fishy and spectacular looking area with local and charter vessels scattered around the reefs.

The boat slowed down and we all got ready to drop in 60m of water. The first jig hit the bottom, jigged up once and we were on. As we were fighting the fish, another jig was dropped and before it hit the bottom, it was also on.
A Barracuda and a Dogtooth Tuna were landed and we were excited.

Next drop, in similar fashion, hit the bottom, was jigged up about 10m and BANG! Another fish was hooked and this felt decent. After a few decent runs the fish was slowly giving in. We saw a little colour and the decky yells “Red Snapper …… it’s a good one too …..” We thought then that this should be a decent fish. The fish emerged and the decky slips the gaff through its head. Our first ever Ruby Jobfish …. and it’s a beauty !


The jigging continued and many similar fish landed. Some of the most enjoyable jigging and fishing of the trip.

This trip has opened up a whole new passion for the Pacific Islands. There are many species to target and different times of the year and I can only imagine the fun that awaits.

Do yourself a favour and check it out sometime !

Fishing Fiji Islands


Marco Orifici
Anglers Fishing World