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Daiwa Japans Number one premium squid jig range is now available in Australia. The new Emeraldas Nude models are truly unique and feature many design innovations that make it the most effective jig available on the market today.
The Emeraldas Nude is a visual and action jig, its unique lifelike pattern design and smooth body is designed to attract a squid by sight and action. Its smooth body design allows the lure to dart and slide effortlessly through the water, more realistic than any other jig.
The Nude is just not another jig it’s a complete eging system that incorporates accessories to broaden the horizons of this unique jig. Featuring attachment points that are designed to use in conjunction with the Agorig Sinker system and the EG-Snap , this allows for changes in sink speed, depth and angle. By attaching the Agorig sinker to the keel eye the jig will glide slowly at a 30-45 degree angle, but when attached to an EG-Snap the lure will sink rapidly at a 75 degree angle. This is ideal for deep water or fast current situations.
Ultra realistic 3D reflective eyes
Ultra sharp bump hook
Recycled Tin keel
Multiple clip points for the Agorig sinker system
Nude body design
Abalone seat
Angled line eye
1. Nude Body – the nude body design allows the lure to glide more easily than a traditional cloth covered jig. It darts, sinks and slides effortlessly at the slightest twitch of the rod tip
2. Abalone Seat – a diamond shaped abalone seat is placed on the rear back of the jig. This attracts inquisitive squid with its 3D like reflective qualities into striking right near the super sharp bump hook.
3. Cog Rig – Daiwa’s Agorig sinker system is easily used and allows for quick changes in sink rate and action
4. Bump Hook – this new super sharp bump hook sits level with the body, creating a more streamlined shape that has a super high hook-up ratio
5. Angled eye – the new angled eye allows the lure to cast better and creates a far superior action compared to the traditional eye style arrangement found on other jigs
6. 3D eyes – featuring Daiwa’s unique Emeraldas logo these 3D eyes are highly reflective and lifelike, that will provoke a squid into attacking

Model: Emeraldas Nude 3.5
Type: Jig
Length: 130mm
Weight: 19.5g
Depth: 0 to bottom