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The next generation of Squidgies is the Bio Tough Flick Bait. A sophisticated, soft stick bait shape with a proven track record for regularly catching really tricky customers, even in clear, hard-fished waters. The sophistication of these lures can be attributed to the combination of Shimano's new 'Synthetic Bioplastic' with Dura Stretch toughness, giving these lures not only an unequalled toughness and durability but at least 50% Biodegradability. Squidgies Bio-Tough' intergrates these features with our exisiting UV treatment to further enhance lure pressence and ensure your plastic lasts longer. The Squidgy Bio Tough Flick Bait range, has been put together using a couple of the more popular sizes of this lure in a very limited number of the deadly colours. These are incredibly versatile softies! Work your Squidgies Bio Tough Flick Baits with short, sharp, upward or sideways flicks of the rod tip, followed by semi-slack-line pauses and drops... and hold on tight! Bream, estuary perch, bass, trout, snapper, mulloway, flathead, barra, kingfish, tuna... You name it, they all come running for a well-worked Squidgy Bio Tough Flick Bait!