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*Varying blue/white/black color pattern designed to blend naturally with open blue water conditions
*Dyneema® PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
*Fluoropolymer treated microfibers - shoots through guides like a bullet!
*Whisper quiet for "Stealth Attacks"
*Resists diggin in on reels
SpiderWire Stealth Blue Camo is uniquely colored for blue water lakes and saltwater conditions. New and improved Stealth Braid is constructed to provide ultimate strength with the thinnest diameter for smooth and quiet performance. The no stretch properties of SpiderWire's PE fibers provide incredible sensitivity to instantly detect bites and structure.
6LB -150M
8LB -150M
15LB -300M
30LB -300M
50LB -300M
65LB -300M
80LB -270M