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PE x8: Siglon PE x8 is composed of 8 EX fibres which gives it advantages over 4 strand braid in a number of ways. The larger number of smaller PE fibres gives it a rounder, softer and smoother profile that will aid in reducing friction. This friction occurs on the spool of a reel, the guides on a rod and even through the water. This equates to further casts, quicker sink rates and increased bite detection. These are very important advantages that most anglers desire, especially in open water fishing scenarios. Siglon PE is super fine for its breaking strain, which increases these advantages even further. Most high-performance braids would normally come with a hefty price tag, yet Sunline’s Siglon PEx8 remains very affordable.

As of August 2020, to help anglers select their preferred breaking strain, the labelling now prominently identifies the "average" breaking strain which is more commonly known than the maximum breaking strain, and takes into consideration knots and/or shock.

Siglon PEx8 150m: Light Green, Orange, Multi Colour, from PE0.3 (4lb) to PE3 (35lb)
" " " 300m: Light Green, Orange, Multi Colour, from PE0.6 (8lb) to PE10 (100lb)
" " " 3500m: Multi Colour, from PE0.6 (8lb) to PE10 (100lb)