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Sunline’s newest braided line comes in two different options, 4 strand (PEx4) and 8 strand (PEx8), both made from their latest EX-PE fibres. Japanese made, affordable and great performance make these two lines a great option. With a large range of colour options and lengths, there is sure to a suitable Siglon PE braid for your fishing needs.

PE x4: Siglon PE x4 braid is suitable for baitcast, spinning and overhead reels for both lure fishing and bait fishing. Being the more basic of the two braids and therefore cheaper, doesn’t make it the lesser option but sometimes the better one. The characteristics of this braid makes it a great option for use where shock and abrasion resistance are required. Being made up of only 4 PE fibres, this braid will have greater strength per fibre making it a great option around structure and handle shock from things like backlashes on a baitcast reel. Coming in at a super low retail price, Siglon PE x4 braid is excellent value for money.
Siglon PEx4 150m: Light Green and Multi Colour, from PE0.2 (2.8lb) to PE3 (35lb)
" " " 200m: Multi Colour in PE2.5 (30lb) and PE3 (35lb)
" " " 300m: Light Green and Multi Colour, from PE1 (12lb) to PE4 (50lb)