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WFT Strong Braid Fishing Line, true its name, boasts strength beyond any Aussie fisho’s wildest dreams. An improved version of the incredibly popular original WFT Strong Braids, these braids and lines have been made leaner and tighter for a smoother cast and retrieve. An extra coating gives it maximum protection from deterioration making it particularly suitable for fishing over rocky terrain or reefs.

The current rendition of the WFT Strong Braid has been made possible after almost 15 years of development experience that has maximised its pitch per inch without increasing the diameter or stretch. This gives the WFT Strong braid and line the perfect size and weight for the longest and most accurate cast. It’s sure to be an absolute pleasure for anglers to be able to raise their game with the WFT Strong braid.

WFT Strong Braids are made from high-end pre-stretched PE fibres that give it an amazing strength-to-diameter ratio. This means that compared to the diameter, the strength of line is extraordinarily high.

WFT Strong Braids are chartreuse coloured and are easy to spot in the nastiest of conditions and the deepest of depths. WFT Strong Braids are available in 300 metre and 600 metre spools.