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Available in 3 sink rates and 3 sizes the new Naory Range Hunter feature the 'warm jacket' cloth (the same cloth as the Egi Oh Live series) This cloth reacts to any type of light to create a subtle temperature change. This temperature change is similar to natural baitfish temps. so the squid are more interested in following your jig. Fitted with an original design and stainless curved super fine spikes/hooks.

Tin Sinker - Enviromentally friendly.

Size 1.5B: Weight 4.5g, Sink speed: 4.5 sec / m

Size 1.8S:Weight 4.5g, Sink Speed: 10 sec / m

Size 1.8B: Weight 6.0g, Sink Speed: 3.2 sec / m

Size 1.8D: Weight 7.0g, Sink Speed: 2.5 sec / m

Size 2.2S: Weight 6.5g, Sink Speed: 5.0 sec / m

Size 2.2B: Weight 8.0g, Sink Speed: 2.4 sec / m

Size 2.2D: Weight 10g, Sink Speed: 1.5 sec / m