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At 140mm long, the Zerek Speed Donkey is the perfect baitfish profile for offshore waters, estuarine waters and big rivers where mullet and gar are found.
Built exceptionally tough to handle the speed and the brutality of fishing, Speed Donkey features a through wire construction, 5x 9430DS Mustad trebles and forged split rings to ensure speedsters like mackerel, trevally and tuna can be tamed and brutes like mulloway and barra will not tear the lure apart.
Specifically designed sonics that include high and low pitch rattles have been included to give this lure exceptional casting abilities and an underwater sonic profile that attracts predators of all types. This makes the lure perfect for trolling in the wide open blue water and also in the dirty barra and mulloway waters where these predators hunt.
Trolling to 15 knots, Speed Donkey is a revolution in lures as it is a real hybrid with the form to take on offshore fish and river fish with equal ease. Speed Donkey is available in 15 colours that have been developed by the Wilson Fishing team to represent all the major baitfish species and allow the lures to be located in dirty water.
Speed Donkey, remember the name and get in the game.