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A bite-sized swimbait that gets eaten by crappies, panfish, trout and all species, the 1.75-inch Shad FryZ represents small shad and baby panfish--among the most preferred forage foods of big panfish. Thin, deep-bodied profile transitions to a segmented tail section and special swimming tail; soft ElaZtech material yielding subtle swimming motion at almost any retrieve speed, including on the fall. 10X Tough ElaZtech construction resists tail bite offs and boasts the highest fish-per-bait ratio available. Special hookslot eases rigging on a Micro Finesse ShroomZ jighead. Ten colors include popular crappie and panfish patterns.
Bite sized swimbait ideal for a variety of micro finesse applications
Deep body that accurately mimics profile of shad fry and panfish fry
Segmented body and paddle tail with fine tail fin detail
10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for extreme durability, resists tail bite offs from nuisance fish
Incredibly soft material enables lifelike swimming action superior to other soft swimbaits, tail kicks at slow to extra fast retrieve speeds, and on the fall
Extra-fine body segments yield unparalleled, natural articulating action without tearing or ripping
Pairs seamlessly with Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads
Incredibly effective for a wide array of species, including crappie, panfish, bass, perch, trout, and more